Hi there! 👋//你好!👋

My name is Katorly.//我是 Katorly.

I put most of my projects in //我把大部分项目都放在 Katorly Lab.// 中。
We genuinely welcome everyone to join the lab and develop projects together!//我们真心希望大家加入lab并一起开发项目!

🔮 Technology//🔮 技术栈

Currently focus on://正在专注于:
· Web development//Web 开发
· Embedded development//嵌入式开发
Apart from those, I use//除此之外,我还用Java and//和 Kotlin too.//。

🎮 Gaming//🎮 游戏

Minecraft, and I've been playing it since 2013. Please invite me to your multiplayer games...//我从2013年开始玩Minecraft。快邀请我加入你的多人游戏!

My hobbies//兴趣爱好

  • Learing


    One is never too old to learn. Learning will become fun.//生命不息,奋斗不止。

  • Coding


    Write code all my life, no matter rain or sunshine.//人生苦短,我用____。

  • Drawing


    Get inspired by my everyday life. Can't help but recording it.//已摒弃的爱好。

  • Drawing


    Always fascinated by the magnificent scenery of the natural world.//记录生活点滴。

Major Projects//主要项目

Click them and explore more projects included in these major projects.//点击可查看包含在如下主要项目内的更多项目。

Photo Album//精选图集

In real life, I'm a non-professional photographer. I take my camera wherever I go, and record the exciting moments of life. Can't wait to share some of them!//我喜欢拍照。我随身携带相机,并记录美好时光。